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Hello FNL parents & coaches! Here are a few important updates on our Spring '21 season.

Spring 2021 is SOLD OUT. There are a couple of spots in each division that are being held for parent-volunteers that are able to assist the team with 1 practice a week and 1 game on Friday nights.  Email FNL at if you can help and if you would like your child to play this spring. 

Teams Rosters are being sent out (2/28-3/5)  If parents do not hear from their head-coach by Friday, March 5th, please let FNL know 

Teams that have an assistant or head coach may begin to practice 1x a week starting today (March 1st). 

Opening night is currently scheduled for Friday, April 2nd.  

Questions... or if you are able to help coach, please email FNL ASAP at:

Interested in coaching this Spring?

Coaching at FNL is set up to be easy and a ton of fun! Only 1 practice a week and you can decide day, time and location for practice. Only 1 game on Friday nights at Pershing Park or Dwight Murphy! The FNL Coaches Corner is a place that our volunteers will find good information to assist them throughout the season. Here they will find:  Rules & Regulations, Order Forms, Team Sponsor Info, Background Check Submission, FNL Practice Suggestions, Offensive & Defensive Plays, Jersey Colors and Shorts Order Form and Concussion Information & Education.

IF INTERESTED IN COACHING: Please indicate this on your child's registration. If you have a group of kids that would like to be on your team, have them make their request on their registration. Coaches should email with the names of their players.


So, you've signed up for Spring 2021, THANK YOU!  We are as excited as you are. Here's what's next:

1) FNL is currently working hard, building 70+ teams for this Spring!

2) Spring practices will be in 2 weeks. Teams will continue to practice ONLY 1 time a week until we get approval on our opening night and our game schedule.  We are hoping that our kids will be allowed to compete in March or April. Remember all of our amazing volunteer coaches get to decide when, where and what time their practice will be. (Coaches... get creative on practice space as many schools fields are "technically" still closed). Our small teams of 6-8 kids mean that flag football practice can work at the beach, local park, and even in your backyard!)

Keeping safe at practice suggestions:

3) COVID response and new regulations. We know these are still difficult times. As a reminder, FNL is following all guidelines from city, state and CDC officials. Our #1 priority will ALWAYS be about keeping our kids, coaches, staff and families safe. FNL may look a little different this Spring, and that's ok. 

4) Registration costs & expenses: FNL has decided that we are not taking any deposits or charging any family registration costs until we get better clarity on when our games can begin. At that time, parents will have the opportunity to continue to pay and play (your LeagueApp account will be charged), or withdraw from FNL without penalty.  (Please know that there may be minimal costs associated with jerseys, flags, insurance and balls)

We are here to answer any questions that you may have with our program and we welcome your feedback! Santa Barbara FNL is a great way to increase kids physical activity level and positively affect aspects of their personal development such as self-esteem and mental health. Having them a part of a team at FNL will help build their social skills and begin to develop some well-needed confidence right now! It's been a challenging year to say the least but together we can provide your child a FUN, safe and healthy experience!

Thank you for supporting Santa Barbara Friday Night Lights! We'll see you all this Spring.  Be Well. Stay Healthy!

FNL Spring 2021


FNL Spring 2021 League

Important Spring 2021 FAQ:

Why won't it let me pay FNL is not taking deposits or charging FNL families any registration fees until we get more clarity on when actual games will be allowed.

When do practices begin?  FNL is currently building over 75 teams. Please be patient. We are as excited as you are to get these kids outside to practice. Once teams are completed, coaches will be notified by Sunday, February 21st. Practices may begin shortly after.

How can I avoid the waitlist this Spring?  FNL is looking for several volunteers to be a coach this season. If you are available to assist with your child's team, email FNL and we can let you know of any immediate team placements that may be available.


We have so many kids that want to play... however we have several teams in each division that are still looking for a coach. If you have already registered and would be willing to step up so these kids can start to practice, please let us know right away. If you know someone that can help coach ( relative, older sibling, neighbor, etc) please email FNL now

Thinking about coaching?  As a reminder:

1) No experience is required to coach.

2) It's only one practice a week.

3) Coaches decide when, where and what time their practice will be. Practices usually only run 60-90 minutes max.

4) FNL works directly with every new coach at FNL.

5) FNL provides everything a coach needs to start practice:  Flags, Balls, Rosters, Rules, Playbook, Practice Drills...etc.

6) There are a ton of kids on our waitlist. If you are able to COACH in one of our divisions, your child will be placed on the team.


Spring 2021 is now SOLD OUT. Get on the waitlist ASAP.

Spring 2021 Registration is now Officially Closed and OVERSOLD for the Spring 2021 Season. Registration for our SUMMER 2021 LEAGUE will begin on MARCH 15th.  

To be placed on our waitlist for this Spring, please email with child's NAME, GRADE & SCHOOL.

IF YOU ARE ABLE TO COACH, you MAY be able to avoid the waitlist, depending on the division/grade of your child.  No experience required to coach. Please be sure to indicate this on our waitlist email we receive from you.  Thanks.

Santa Barbara Friday Night Lights

(Specific dates pending City and State approval).

 **SPRING 2021 SEASON **

February 2021 - May 2021

Reserve your spot.

No risk. No money down. Save your spot

Play with friends, neighbors & classmates!

Games 6 -vs- 6

6 Divisions

K,   1st/2nd,   3rd/4th,   5th/6th,   7th/8th , 9th/10th

Non Contact for fewer injuries.

Every team makes it to playoffs!

Play skills positions- QB, WR, RB, DB

Only 1 practice is allowed each week.

6-8 player team rosters.

Everyone plays 3 out of 4 quarters!

Games on Friday Nights* at Dwight Murphy and Pershing Park

FNL Game times may run from 4:15pm - 8:45pm

Games only use professional, paid officials.

Santa Barbara Friday Night Lights. 

Guaranteed 100% FUN!


Santa Barbara FNL is a non-profit youth flag football league. This Spring, FNL is looking for a handful of kids in grades 7th-11th looking to earn community service hours this Spring. Spend your Friday nights with FNL and earn up to 5 hours of community service each night! For more information and to apply, email


Santa Barbara FNL Refund Policy

All refund requests must be received in writing by Dec. 1st for Spring Season, May 15th for the Summer Season and June 1st for Fall Season.  After these dates, refunds will not be issued as the league will start to incur many expenses in preparation for the upcoming season.  Expenses being incurred , but not limited to are: uniforms, field permits, insurance, acctg.,website, credit card fees, mktg, labor, etc.  For more information please review our policy below or email FNL at  Thank you for your understanding.


Ted and Nevin Pallad