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Registration pending state & city approval

FNL SUMMER LEAGUE:  4 Weeks. 5 Games. July 10th-July 31st.

SUMMER CAMP:  July 13th-July 17th 8:30am-12noon.

FALL 2020 SEASON: Grades K-10th. August-November

More information to come!  Questions?:

Santa Barbara Friday Night Lights
Family Dinner Project

Spring 2020 Refunds will be issued!                                                           

Dear FNL friends & family,

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major affect on everyone....youth sports leagues included. FNL believes it is still not safe to try and continue games this Spring. FNL has made the painful decision to cancel the Spring 2020 season. As a result, FNL will be providing refunds based on the balance of the Spring season. Please allow 3-4 weeks for your refund to be processed. All youth sports incur a significant amount of expenses upfront and prior to any games being played. These 'sunk costs' include, jerseys, insurance, permits, equipment, CC fees, website hosting, background checks, casual labor, referees, and numerous other costs that FNL cannot retrieve. As a non-profit youth flag football league, FNL does not carry any cash balances forward from season to season. If you have any questions please email FNL at  We hope to see the kids back on the field with FNL during our Summer League! Please stay safe and be well.

Hello from FNL,

We hope this note finds everyone healthy and safe. Our hearts go out to everyone who has been impacted by this global crisis. These are challenging times to say the least and the uncertainty of when life will return to 'normal' is still unclear. We look forward to the day we see our kids back on the field playing with friends,  and our families are together again on Friday nights. We will be there eventually, but it may look a little different. FNL will continue to listen to the experts and adapt to the "new norm". Games may be staggered, fewer games could be played each hour, and additional venues may be used. When we get through this, which we will, Santa Barbara Friday Night Lights will once again strive to provide this community with a fun and safe youth sports experience. We hope to see your kids sign up for some fun in our FNL Summer League and Tournament (pending State approval) and that we can all be together on Friday nights under the lights for the Fall 2020 Season. Take care & be safe.

Kyles Kitchen is a proud sponsor of the FNL Family Dinner Project.

 Win a FREE family dinner every Friday night in May!

FNL: Supporting local businesses and our FNL families, one dinner table at a time!
Santa Barbara FNL was built by family for families in the community! During these challenging times, FNL wants to bring some smiles to your home on Friday nights by closing your kitchen and providing dinner for your entire family to enjoy together at the table! Be on the lookout for our EMAIL every Wednesday in the month of May to see if your family has won! [names will be randomly selected from all 2019-2020 league registrations] If you are selected as the winner, then your family dinner on Friday night will be SAFELY DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME to enjoy! It's that easy! We could not have done this without our amazing food and restaurants sponsor!
The FNL Family Dinner Project:
"less time in the kitchen and more time at the table" 

Holdren's Steak & Seafood of Santa Barbara is a proud sponsor of the FNL Family Dinner Project!

THANK YOU to Mesa Burger for being a sponsor of the FNL Family Dinner Project!


Please consider to donate your Spring refund to the FNL scholarship fund? If you would like to place your refund dollars in the FNL Scholarship Fund, please let us know. As a non profit youth sports organization, every season FNL provides full and partial scholarships to less fortunate players and their families. 100% of your donation will go toward helping others participate in youth sports!  

Your donation is 100% tax deductible Tax ID#: 20-4574168.  Just email us here and let us know! Thank you for supporting our scholarship program!

Rooted In our Community...

Thank you to Lazy Acres for supporting FNL's Family Dinner Project!  

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We are so happy that Lazy Acres is a sponsor of the FNL Family Dinner Project.

The Thibeault kids enjoying their FNL Dinner Project from Mesa Burger!


Spend your Friday nights with FNL this Spring.  Earn up to 5 hours of community service each night!

FNL 2020

This is Friday Night Lights


Ted and Nevin Pallad


Santa Barbara Friday Night Lights

Summer League:  June/July

Fall 2020 League:  August-November

Play with friends, neighbors & classmates!

Games 6 -vs- 6

5 Divisions

K,   1st/2nd,   3rd/4th,   5th/6th,   7th/8th , 9th/10th

Non Contact for fewer injuries.

Every team makes it to playoffs!

Play skills positions- QB, WR, RB, DB

Only 1 practice is allowed each week.

8 or 9 team rosters.

Everyone plays 3 out of 4 quarters!

Games on Friday Nights* at Dwight Murphy and Pershing Park

FNL Game times run from 4:15pm - 8:45pm

No parent volunteer requirements.  Games only use professional, paid officials.


Santa Barbara Friday Night Lights.  Guaranteed 100% FUN!

Santa Barbara FNL Refund Policy

All refund requests must be received in writing by Dec. 1st for Spring Season, May 15th for the Summer Season and June 1st for Fall Season.  After these dates, refunds will not be issued as the league will start to incur many expenses in preparation for the upcoming season.  Expenses being incurred , but not limited to are: uniforms, field permits, insurance, acctg.,website, credit card fees, mktg, labor, etc.  For more information please review your registration consent or email FNL at  Thank you for your understanding.